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Welcome to Trilateral Research Ltd

Trilateral Research Ltd is a leading London-based multidisciplinary research services company.

Our team collaborates across social sciences and technology development to bring insights from each into supporting data driven innovation. We provide research, advisory and technology development services to private and public sector organisations.




Trilateral provides a portfolio of research services for private customers and within publicly-funded research grants. Our portfolio includes multidisciplinary expertise in social and political science, law and human rights, technology studies, economics and computer science and engineering. Trilaterals approach combines technological innovation with a social perspective.

Impact Assessment

Trilateral offers a range of services in the area of impact assessments, to the private and public sector. They provide an opportunity for organisations to explore, assess, analyse and potentially mitigate a wide range of risks in relation to new information and data systems.

Data Science

Almost all organisations have data, but very few are using that data effectively. Trilateral provides a range of consultancy and technical services to help organisations leverage data to achieve their strategic goals.

Technology Development

We provide in-house tool, signal processing, and machine learning development enabling us to adapt and customise solutions for our clients. Our services are flexible to handle data from heterogeneous sources where we combine both structured and unstructured data of any type, size, and format. We are specialised in visualisation tools, dashboard, and UX/UI designs. This is a process that we collaboratively develop with our clients to better understand their use cases and user defined requirements.

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